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Step by Step Process of Buying a New Construction Home

The Step By Step Process of Buying A New Construction Home 

Are you considering buying a new construction home but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Don't worry, at Kindred Homes, we understand that it can seem daunting. That’s why we have created this step by step guide to make the experience as smooth and easy as possible. Whether you’re building your home with us or buying an inventory home, this step by step guide will help you navigate through the process of buying new construction and make informed decisions throughout. 

Couple Touring Homes

Step 1: Tour Homes

The first and arguably one of the most exciting steps in the home buying process is touring model homes. This step allows you to get a firsthand experience of what's on offer and gives you an opportunity to envision living in these spaces. As you walk through various new construction homes, pay attention to the layout, finishes, and overall feel of the house. Does it match your style and meet your needs? Remember, the goal is to find a home that isn't just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable for you. If you prefer to build, can you envision yourself in this home? What changes, if any, would you like to make? Feel free to take notes or pictures to assist in your decision-making process. At Kindred Homes, we provide a wide range of inventory homes to suit different tastes and budgets.

Image of Home with Keys Next To It

Step 2: Make an Offer

Once you've found a new construction home or floor plan that meets your expectations, the next step is making an offer on the home or lot. This is a crucial stage in the home buying process where a well-structured offer can make all the difference. In this phase, you express your interest in buying the property by presenting an offer letter to the builder or seller. The offer should include details like the price you're willing to pay, your preferred closing and move-in dates, and any conditions you'd like to be met before finalizing the deal. At Kindred Homes, we aim to make this process as stress-free as possible, providing guidance and support to potential homeowners every step of the way.

Image Of Person Signing a Contract

Step 3: Offer Accepted and Going Under Contract

Congratulations! Your offer has been accepted and it's time to go under contract. This phase marks the beginning of a legal commitment between you and the builder. The contract outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including the price, timelines, and obligations of both parties. It's crucial to read and understand every detail of the contract before signing. Remember, once you sign, you are bound to the agreement's terms. At Kindred Homes, we ensure our contracts are transparent and straightforward, making it easier for you to understand exactly what you're agreeing to.

Step 4: Loan Application and Approval

Following the acceptance of your offer, the next step is the loan application and approval process. This phase involves reaching out to a mortgage lender to finalize your home loan. You'll need to provide various documents, including proof of income, credit history, and other financial information. The lender will then evaluate these details to determine your loan eligibility and the amount you can borrow. Keep in mind that a good credit score can help you secure a better mortgage deal. Once your loan application is approved, the lender will issue a commitment letter, stating the loan amount, interest rate, and the loan term. At Kindred Homes, we can recommend trusted lenders, such as Kindred HomeLoans, who can guide you through this process, ensuring that you secure the best possible financing for your new construction home.

Image of Buyer Picking Home Finishes

Step 5: Personalize Your Home

Now comes the fun part - personalizing your home. Steps 5 – 7 in this process will usually only be applicable if your building a home, so if you’re buying an inventory home, skip ahead to step 8. Typically personalizing your home involves selecting the finishes and features that will ultimately define the look and feel of your new house. From choosing the color of the walls to selecting the kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and fixtures, each decision contributes to making the home truly yours. Consider your lifestyle and tastes while making these selections. Are you a home cook who needs a spacious kitchen with high-end appliances? Or maybe you work from home and need a quiet and comfortable office space? At Kindred Homes, we offer a variety of customization options that cater to every lifestyle, including an online customization portal such as AnewGo. Our design team is on hand to offer expert advice and support throughout the personalization process, ensuring you have a home that not only looks great but also meets your unique needs and preferences.

Step 6: Pre-Construction Meeting

Now that you've personalized your home, the next step is the pre-construction meeting. This is a pivotal moment in the home buying process, providing a forum for you to meet with the construction team and discuss your plans in detail. It's your opportunity to ask any questions, from the construction timeline to the specifics of your design choices, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This meeting is also when you'll review and finalize your home's blueprints and site plans. At Kindred Homes, we believe in open communication and collaboration, ensuring our customers are fully involved and informed throughout the construction process. Our team strives to make this meeting as informative and straightforward as possible, allowing you to head into the construction phase with complete clarity and confidence.

Step 7: Construction Begins

With the pre-construction meeting complete and the blueprints approved, the construction of your new home officially begins. This stage marks the transformation of your design choices into a physical structure, and it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The construction process usually follows a set sequence, starting with site preparation and foundation work, followed by framing, installation of windows and doors, roofing and siding, then moving inside for wiring, plumbing, and insulation. Once the drywall is up, it's time for interior finishes like flooring, cabinetry, and paint. Throughout this process, you'll likely have scheduled walkthroughs with your project manager to ensure everything is going according to plan. At Kindred Homes, we adhere to the highest construction standards and maintain regular communication with our homeowners, providing updates on progress and addressing any concerns promptly. This commitment to excellence ensures that when construction is completed, you'll have a home that surpasses your expectations in terms of quality, comfort, and style.

Image of Person Holding Magnifying Glass Inside Home

Step 8: New Home Orientation

As the construction phase draws to a close, the next step in the home buying process is the new home orientation. This is essentially your introduction to your brand new home. During this orientation, you'll have a walk-through with a representative from Kindred Homes, providing you with the opportunity to thoroughly examine the property, understand how everything works, and ask any lingering questions you may have. You'll be shown how to operate all the systems and appliances in your home, such as heating and cooling, security systems, and kitchen appliances. This is also the time to identify any minor issues or imperfections that need to be rectified before closing. At Kindred Homes, we believe in complete transparency and customer satisfaction, which is why our new home orientation is in-depth and comprehensive. We want to ensure that you are entirely comfortable and satisfied with your new construction home before moving in, setting the stage for many happy years to come.

Image of Buyer Taking Keys To Home From Seller

Step 9: Closing

The final step in the process of buying a new construction home is the closing. This is the moment when the property legally changes hands from the builder to you, the new homeowner. During the closing, you'll meet with various parties involved in the transaction, including your real estate agent, the builder's representative, and potentially a representative from the lending institution. All the final paperwork is signed at this stage, including the mortgage agreement, the property's deed, and the settlement statement outlining the transaction's financial specifics. You'll also be required to pay your down payment and closing costs at this meeting. Once all the documents are signed, and the payment is made, the keys to your new home are handed over. At Kindred Homes, we strive to make the closing process as smooth and straightforward as possible, ensuring a joyful and stress-free transition into your new construction home. With the closing complete, it's time to move into your beautiful, personalized home and begin making it truly yours.

In summary, the step-by-step process of buying a new construction home might initially appear daunting, but it's indeed straightforward once you begin. We trust that this guide has shed light on the procedure. If you decide to embark on this journey, we invite you to explore our available communities in DFW and San Antonio. We wish you the very best of luck!

Images are artist renderings and will differ from the actual home built. Prices, plans, specifications, square footage, availability are subject to change without notice or prior obligations. Options shown in the renderings and floor plans may be available for an additional expense. Square footage is approximate and may vary by elevation, municipality and/or options selected. Plans are subject to availability and feasibility. Please see a sales representative for more information.

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