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Spring Lawn Care Tips

March 31, 2022

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Nothing makes a home look more welcoming from the street than a well-kept, lush-looking lawn. Beginning your lawn care maintenance in the spring ensures your yard will continue to look bright and fresh throughout the summer. Here are some tips for helping your lawn look its best and be the envy of all of your neighbors. 

Tidy Up 

The first step in lawn care maintenance should be clean up! Pick up any leaves, twigs, or other debris that may have fallen into your yard during the fall and winter. Raking onto a tarp is helpful for easy removal. 

Fill in Holes

There is nothing like a patchy lawn to ruin a lush lawn. You can fill in bald areas by laying down new seeds; this is usually done in the fall and winter months, so the fresh grass is already growing by springtime. If you want to fill in spots quickly, laying down sod is a great option. New sod will give you the appearance of a complete lawn immediately; however, it is more expensive and is more labor-intensive, so make sure to weigh your options before committing. 

Feed the Grass, Not the Weeds

By taking care of your lawn earlier in the spring, you will witness the fruits of your labor in the later months with fuller grass and fewer weeds. In early spring, fertilize and apply a preemergent herbicide. The preemergent is the most effective way to prevent weeds permanently and is not harmful to desirable plants. The herbicide makes sure the grass is soaking up the nutrients instead of those pesky weeds. A few months later, you should apply a weed killer to get rid of any of the weeds that managed to grow. 

Don't Cut Too Much 

You should maintain a regular lawn care schedule by mowing early and often. Letting grass grow too long and then cutting it will stunt its growth in the coming months, dulling its color. Setting your mower to trim the grass between 4 to 5 inches will allow you to manage the new growth without hindering future progress. By starting your lawn care routine early in the year, you prepare your yard to look its best. Having a nice lawn makes it that much easier to enjoy spending time outdoors. Explore the Kindred Homes gallery for more inspiration for your home's outdoor living space!