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Decorating your home can be as daunting as finding the right one for you, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips for helping you choose the right color palette for your space and how to incorporate these colors into your decor. 

First, some basics!


It is essential to understand the four types of color schemes you can utilize: 


  1. Monochromatic-- this scheme uses tones of the same color with black or white to lighten or darken the room. This could be a space filled with Olive, Sage, and Artichoke green with white to anchor the area. 
  2. Analogous-- Colors within this scheme are next to each other on the color wheel. Rooms with this type of scheme create a colorful and soothing palette. Imagine hues of blue and purple, creating a relaxing and bright oasis. 
  3. Contrasting--This dramatic scheme is composed of a triad of contrasting colors. Picture a room filled with yellow-orange, red-purple, and green-blue. The effects are dramatic and bold but are aesthetically pleasing when executed properly. 
  4. Complementary-- A complementary color scheme is comprised of colors that are across the color wheel from one another. The combination of bright blue and deep orange create a dramatic, high energy space. 


With these types of schemes in mind, it is imperative to find a starting point: 


Choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the space.

We recommend starting with a unique piece, such as a large rug, a work of art, or a staple piece of furniture. Starting with one part will help you adjust the surrounding space to incorporate these colors. You can pull the neutral tones from the piece you are using to anchor the room and tie everything together. 


Start with the formal areas of the house.

Beginning your design process with the house's formal areas, such as the dining and living rooms, can help create flow with the smaller and more informal spaces. Find inspiration from the main rooms and choose a color to tone down and continue to the other rooms, creating a cohesive color palette for the entire house. 


Once you get started, the pieces naturally fall together. Here are some helpful tips for finding the flow within a space: 

Decorate dark to light, vertically. 


Much like the outside world, it is visually appealing to start with the dark colors on the floor and lighten up as you work your way up vertically. Dark wood floors complement a lighter hue on the walls and an even brighter color for the ceiling. 


Use the 60-30-10 rule.

This helpful rule helps balance the colors and create a coordinated look throughout the space. Choose a dominant color to fill about 60% of the area, typically the walls. Contrast that with a secondary color for 30% of the room; think upholstery and linens. Then fill the remaining 10% with an accent hue for a pop of color! 


As you get to work with choosing colors, furniture, and decor, remember to go with what feels right. Ultimately every space should feel comfortable and welcoming--something that means different things to different people.


Don't be afraid to experiment! Paint samples are easy to obtain and are helpful when you are nervous about committing. Once you start filling the rooms with things that make you and your family happy, your house becomes a home! 


Need some more inspiration? Check out our gallery here for some design and decor ideas! 


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