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2021 Kitchen Design Trends

February 25, 2021

2021 Kitchen Design Trends

It is no surprise that after a year like 2020 and people spending significantly more time at home, homeowners' needs drastically changed. None more so than those in the kitchen. Those who were unhappy with their current kitchens felt the dissatisfaction grow with each meal cooked at home. Some took on renovation projects to update and redesign their current homes, while others looked at entirely new houses to fulfill their need for a more functional space. If you find yourself at the beginning of this process, take a look at some of the new kitchen design trends for 2021, gathered from a survey courtesy of, as the wants and needs have slightly deviated from years prior.

Look & FeelStyle

Stylistically, transitional kitchens remain at the forefront, followed by modern and contemporary styles. Transitional, which is the intersection of classic and modern finishes, seems to be the perfect blend of old and new, appealing to more people than other styles. Modern kitchens, distinguished by their sleek and minimalistic design, appeal to a more select group of homeowners. Contemporary kitchens, marked by clean lines, wood accents, and trendy tile, come in third place with an even smaller demographic looking to design their kitchen to fit this look. 

Contrasting Islands

In alignment with the popularity of transitional-style kitchens is the rise in contrasting island cabinets. While white continues to be the most popular color for kitchen cabinets, blue and grey are the leaders for contrasting island cabinet colors. This pop of color creates a perfect feature piece for the center of the kitchen and has been all the rage in recent designs. 


2021 will see hardwood begin to step down and vinyl flooring step up. While porcelain and ceramic tile take over the top spot for kitchen flooring, vinyl is quickly rising in popularity and is just behind the tile options for 2021. This durable and cost-effective option has been on the rise recently and is considerably more prevalent than in previous years. In contrast, we have seen the use of hardwood decline drastically, alluding to the shift in homeowner needs. 


Home designers have seen the increase in demand for kitchens that seamlessly connect to the outdoors. Whether through large windows or doors, the desire to have natural light pouring into the kitchen is the same. Connecting to the outdoors in the kitchen mirrors the sentiment for the year as a whole. 

With homeowner's needs and styles shifting in the new year, home designs will follow this trend. Lots of light, upgraded flooring, and contrasting islands will be at the forefront of kitchen design trends this year. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current cooking space, maybe it is time to incorporate some of these fresh looks into your kitchen or find a new one that meets all your needs. 

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