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Landscaping Tips

May 6, 2021

Landscaping Tips

Backyard Landscaping Tips

Whether you have just moved into a new home or are just looking to refresh your lawn, caring for a spacious yard can be both intimidating and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be! See these helpful tips for ways to keep your outdoor maintenance more manageable to make your yard an oasis. 

Make a Plan

Create a game plan to help break the job down into smaller, more feasible tasks. Begin with the lawn; if it's full of weeds, unhealthy, and patchy, it might help start from scratch. Defining the border of your yard with an edger can significantly improve the appearance, and adding a fresh layer of mulch to the flower beds can also help differentiate your lawn. 

Year-Round Colors

To create interest in your yard throughout the changing seasons, make sure you add a variety of plants that flourish in different weather conditions. A good rule of thumb is to have flowering trees and shrubs throughout the spring and summer, fall foliage in the autumn, and good structure in the winter. Find out what kind of plants thrive in your area to help make your selections and learn how to care for them properly! 

Ask For Help

Sometimes the task is too big to do on your own. If you are overwhelmed by the scope of the project or have no interest in gardening, hiring a landscaping professional might be a great way to refresh your lawn. Make sure you do your research and get multiple quotes, as prices vary, and you might like one landscaper's plan over another. Although they will do the heavy lifting on the yard, you may have to provide occasional maintenance to keep your lawn looking fresh!